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August 9, 2016

One week ampiversary

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Some time just after 12:00, one week ago today, I recieved the call that Mya was out of surgury and waking up from the anesthetic.

She’s come a long way in a week , I only keep the leash on her when she’s outside, just in case but she walks her self now. she is really good on her own now. Too good sometimes,  and quick. Al and I were in the kitchen we heard a squeek, ” the door ” we both said and ran into the living room, Macleod had pulled the front door open and scooted out front, by the time I got there Mya was 2 stepps down the front stairs. It was raining pretty hard, wet and slippery and there were puddles all over, Macleod was already laying in one…  I didnt want her getting all wet so I put her head on my sholder and cradled her chest and leg and spun her around and set her paw down on the top step and she hopped right back in the house. She is sleeping out on the deck right now , she thinks I left her alone for a change, to be indipendent, but I can see her sleeping there, through the tread of the stairs. she seems to like doing it on her own, gets all chatty if we molycoddle her too much, she’s a trooper.


I see from the picture she has been licking her shaved patch again , sneaky she is. She’s getting a peach fuzz growing back now so its probably getting itchy.

pink shirt day

pink shirt day.

its raining out , he loves water, swiming, messing with the lawn sprinkler.

Wish I could go swimming

Wish I could go swimming.

Mya is still sleeping but i hear some rustling better go a see what up…

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August 8, 2016

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Having trouble posting from my BlackBerry… Ya I still have one. Couldn’t tell if any of the videos posted alright. I’ll hit the pc when Mya goes to sleep again.

Mya gets nosie

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Thirsty!! soo thirsty?!?


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First big step on a long journey.

Trying to cut these down to a manageable size…


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Its now five days since Mya’s surgury, she is doing very well. Starting to get itchey and licking the IV point that was shaved on her front leg. It Was a little red so yesterday I wrapped a bit of gause around it to keep her off it. This morning I checked it and there was already a scab forming on the gause, it came off with the dressing 🙁 . cleaned it up and loosley covered it , I’ll have to check it every few hours. She is getting up and down on her own with no problems now. I fold the leash over her back and let her walk “free” so she chooses her path, unless its the wrong way… She likes to lay on the concrete , when its not too hot out. If she falls asleep I just sit with her where she is. Last night we were on the deck all night next to a pond, kinda like camp’n. The swelling at the incisions has gone down , bruising has gone up as expected.

Her remaining paw looks soo much bigger on its own ?!? ‘Supose it getting all the workout now.

Everyone was right about the sleep, man its starting to catch up to us… Good thing I’m self employed.

IMG_20160807_173302Mya at the dish

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