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April 17, 2017

I said, ” pard’n…”

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holy smile’n sled dogs… hold the boat…
I just came across a couple walking a beautiful Great Dane Tripawd just two blocks from home. ‘Cours I did a U turn and pulled over to talk to them.
So they had surgery about a year ago, 10 months earlier they got the diagnosis of Osteo. in his right front leg, it was 10 months , ya thats 10 not a type O, not 10 days or even 10 weeks he ambled around on the leg with cancer till the pain got bad enough to warrant surgery 10 mo. later. I asked them how their boy did on chemo and they said he hasn’t had any chemotherapy . . . ” pardon?, no chemo?” They have a 10 year old Grate Dane with cancer, for the last 20 months, and have had no overwhelming side affects of chemotherapy because they didn’t have to poison their pet to cure it. He is beautiful and looks to be full of life. I gave them my Email address and am eagerly waiting on some information on the course of care they took for their boy. They told me the cancer was shrinking, not sure of details as I was blocking the street and couldn’t talk long. They have been taking their boy to a holistic vet in port moody { my town }. few blocks away from me, and I had no Idea they were there.
I’m SOOOOOOOOO glad we waited on Macleod for his surgery, and for the weekend with Mya. There is still hope we can stay ahead of his cancer and now maybe there is something we can still do for Mya, even in these late stages. She has been doing well this weekend. We messed around with the pain med dosing and getting a bit constipated again , working I out tho…
I will keep posting any info I get my hands on …

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  1. Whooooaaaaah! Wow talk about serendipity! That is SO PAWESOME you got to meet those folks. Please do encourage them to join us, we want to hear more more more!

    Our Jerry also didn’t do chemo and he lived two years. So ya never know. We hope you and the pack kick butt and keep on rockin too! xoxo

    Comment by jerry — April 17, 2017 @ 5:04 pm

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