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September 24, 2016

Round Two

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Mya had her second round of Carboplatin on Wed 21st. She had a slight drop in white blood cell count on second fallow up visit Fri 16th. for blood work but it had returned to normal by the Wed appointment. She had been licking her shaved spot and irritated it so she has a nice little blue flower around her neck, we went for the “Elizabethan collar” instead of the hard cone , this one is soft and can be folded inward for a less awkward wear. Looks kinda like a cape for our little super hero. We have a steroid cream that we put on the irritated spot 3X a day, the swelling has gone down. She is slowly getting her energy back but is a little sleepier since the chemo. There’s no blood work scheduled until the 3rd round and they will do a chest X-ray then as well. Took Macleod out for a walk at the park and walked by some one with an ice cream cone, Macleod stopped in his tracks and just looked at me. There is an ice cream shop in the park with “doggy ice cream”. I tied him to the parking sign behind my van and went in for some treats, they were busy as usual and by the time I got back the sign post had a bit of a lean to it, he really likes doggy ice cream…

I have a video of Mya trying to tackle Macleod and her sitting up for some pets but I can’t get it to play properly just getting the audio, see what I can figure out and try it again…

was able to post this one of her giving me the evil eye


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September 11, 2016

40 Days and 40 Nights.

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Lordy lordy Mya’s forty… well it’s been that many days and nights, { some very long }, since she had her surgery and we’ve only had one or two minor setbacks. We had our first vet visit after chemo for blood work etc. Results are all good, { pretty sure I just got a few pounds lighter }…  She is manoeuvring a lot better, but still gets in that zone seeing another dog or squirrel and charges along. Its all good until there is an abrupt change in direction, speed, or elevation, then we are at about 50% 🙂 It’s getting better by the day though. Really she had more troubles before the surgery with pain and limping. She wasn’t overly energetic at first but as soon as we finished the pain medication she started to do more. We have seen her run { at a good clip mind you } and she can beat me up the ramp at the back door. Some day soon I’ll get a video … She doesn’t like the beeps our phones and the camera make so its hard to catch those random moments because she will stop and look at you if she hears it.

Allison just told me about the Budwig Diet , for dogs with cancer. It’s cottage cheese and flax seed oil based, and she said there was a lot of good info. Al’ looked up “canine cancer diet” and then “dogs Budwig diet”. Seems there is a lot of precautions around these type of diets, like Omega 3 is good but Omega 6 and things like primrose oil are not.  Has any one here heard of this ?

All for now .

September 1, 2016

first day of Chemo

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We just got home from Can West Vetrinary , Mya had her first Carboplatin session today, IV in the right rear leg.  Her bladder infection has almost cleared up. She still has a week of antibiotics to take along with the antinausia meds daily. We have set up the barriers around the poop spot in the back yard to keep Macleod away  from the chemo in Mya’s pee and poop. He’s pretty pissed… He usually follows her around and re-marks her spot after wards, then if she isn’t done yet she will do the same. Both of them tend to step in it durring the whole process, so we are trying to limit them tracking it in and out of the house. For the next 72 hours or so we will keep the bathrooms seperate, but they can be together in the house. We just can’t predict when Mya will hop up and have a the urge to pee, and will need to clean up any messes if she gets sick in the house with a 10:1 bleach and water solution.

She is doing good so far, although we didn’t really notice the bladder infection before so its hard to guage. She is getting little bossy with Macleod now so she must be getting back to her old self again. A few min ago allison was near the cookie jar and Mya lifted her one leg to shake a paw like it was time for a treat, we now have to remember to let the paw go slowly or put it back on the floor so she doesn’t do a face plant… She still tries to move too fast some times and forgets there isn’t another leg up front to make the quick step or the abrupt hault. Her hair is growing back pretty good now and I noticed the spot that would have been just behind the sholder is a bit slow groing, almost a bald spot from the leg rubbing on her side the last 8-1/2 years. It will be intresting to see how all the colours blend in afterwards. We have stopped putting the T-shirt on her last few days , but may through it on if the rain keeps up and she wants to lay out side for a bit. ( over protective parents )

We have two follow up appointments with our regular vet next two weeks then third week is chemo #2 .

Mya playing footsies with Macleod,


Mya with her shirt off …


Yikes!!! Theres a shadow on the floor right where her leg would have been…

She’s so content and seems to be happy, Isn’t really playfull yet, but is starting to be more and more interested in things since we quit the pain meds. I’ve seen the muscles in the sholder area flexing a bit more now, they used to twitch and she would let out a yelp at first. I think when these muscles have compleetly healled and she can hold her core tight she will have a better time hopping around. She doesnt want to wait for me to put the little stool down I made for her to get in the car. Ocasionally she slips but mostly makes what ever she tries as long as she isn’t rushing. 29 days since the surgery now and we are so happy with her progress and know we made the right decision.

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