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February 25, 2017

Words fail me …

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On Thursday, Macleod had X-Rays, CT scan, and a sample { not a bone biopsy } taken from the outside of the bone but all three were inconclusive. There appears to be no other sign of a reason for his lameness. Now we will wait a week or two and likely do another X-Ray. Mya is her happy hoppy self and doing well.

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February 21, 2017

Enter title here ?

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Well we had an appointment booked for Macleod today but it would have been with a different doctor and we wanted to, “keep it in the family” so to speak, so we rescheduled for Thursday. He has been up and down last few days. he seemed a bit constipated and the vet suggested we drop the tramodol down from 3 to 2 times a day. He has been walking almost normally on that leg since we introduced the tramodol last week, but as soon as we changed the dose he started showing signs of pain the first evening. So we are back on 100mg 3x daily and he is boing better. Still giving him the CBD 2x daily and we also give him pumpkin (canned) through out the day as a treat. There is so many times a day that we are giving one of them a pill in a treat or something that every time one of us gets up they both sit up or follow us in the kitchen{Macleod}. I’ve seen him move for food or the chase like there is nothing wrong but as soon as the fixation is over you can see the limp. Mya forgets about it too sometimes.

well fingers crossed, hope Thursday is a good day.

February 16, 2017

Ok, Umm, Ya…

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Our little rock star is doing well this round , had our first check up Feb 9 and the blood tests showed her kidney values were elevated so we have discontinued the Piroxicam as it can have a poor affect the kidneys. Mya is still on Palladia 3x weekly (M,W,F), Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxin), Furosemide (Lasix), Famotidine (Pepcid), 1x daily. Pepcid first thing in the morning 1hr before breakfast, Cytoxin / Lasix together with breakfast, Palladia mid day every other weekday. { have to wear gloves with Cytoxin and Palladia}. Mya still gets a 20MG capsule of CBD  2x daily with her meals. I finally got my “Treatibles” {CBD dog treats} shipped up from California they were held up a bit at the border… checking to see if there was any meat products… contained in the package. but we got them came in blueberry and pumpkin flavour. Blueberry is my fav. but pumpkin is good too, hell ya I tried them, the ingredient list read better than any thing I’ve ate in weeks. They’re kinda like a blueberry or pumpkin flavour ginger snap. She {they} love them, we give the treats to Macleod as well. Mya has been her happy hoppy self and a lot more lively since we started the CBD. Macleod has always had a swagger too cool to be giddy but stealthy like a cheetah, until “it’s on”, then he’s all ears up and chest out. On Monday night just before bed I noticed that Macleod was favouring his front left paw a little. He’s always had a thing with licking behind the dew claw just above his paw, to the point of discolouring the fur to a dark sable, from its original white. looked into it a few times but could never find anything to cause irritation, thought maybe it could be a stress thing? never hurts when you play with it etc. So Monday night it seemed a little sore but he was using it, Tuesday morning he was snoozing when I left so I just gave him some pets on the way out. Allison called me after lunch and said that Macleod was getting worse as the day went on. When I got home Tuesday night I could see that he could not put any weight on it, and was very restless , he would shift every few minutes.


I decided to give Macleod one of Mya’s CBD caps and he did calm down a bit and went to sleep about an hour later. he limped out with Mya in the morning for a pee and perched on the deck against the kitchen wall waiting for the sound of breakfast dishes clinking. Thats his cue to come racing in to the kitchen talking away and stirring up everyone. Tuesday morning he was pretty quiet. Same thing today Wed. Allison got a hold of the vet and got an appointment today at 3:00 . He was happy to use Myas stool to hop in and out of the van at the vet. our Doc. did an exam and he seemed pretty healthy otherwise and when she checked Macleods leg I could see that she started at the toes and checked every joint thoroughly working her way up the leg bending the wrist and elbow hoping, like I did, to find some thing there like a sprain or a or even a broken leg… instead she worked her way up to the humerus where he finally made a wimper_________. I could see the doc grit her teeth and wisper “fuck”. Just what we didn’t want to see or hear. We were all hoping it wasn’t what it started to look like. That’s the same spot on Mya, but the other side. On her X-Ray it looked like the sky just after the fireworks. Until we can see it , it could be something else…


We’ll get X-rays etc. asap. till then there is hope ?!?

Anybody reading this please do us a favour and say a prayer for our sweet gentle giant as I am sure we have used up our favors with God but we’ll try anyways!!!





Of course I’m holding a pill pocket right below the camera for this shot.

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