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October 28, 2017

Go’n through the motions…

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Its been almost 3 months since we said our goodbyes to Macleod, and over 6 months ago we parted with Mya. Between those dates a family member was diagnosed, and last Thursday I lost a dear friend to this horrible disease.   We were so wrapped up with this the past year there wasn’t any time for anything… we were always “on” and seemingly playing catch-up, to something, or battling some minor issue { usually a side affect } . I / WE never really sat back and took it all in… It changed me, I know Allison is feeling the loss every day. I’ve lost my mojo… I find my self shuffling around, A LOT, or just sitting in my office and staring. Were once in a while, on those paper work days,  I would always get a warm wet nose scooting up under and lifting my arm to give me kisses and say “com’on quit sitt’n around lets go do something”! Now I feel we were just going through the motions.

When we lost our first Mal in ’08, Cy our life was in turmoil yet again, Al’ had slipped on a sheet of ice in the alley behind our house and shattered her ankle { long 3 hour surgery} and she was not able to tend to our 13 year old who was losing the use of his legs {degenerate spinal disease, I forget the name}, and sleeping outside now . We had to put him down about a week after Al’s surgery and she was heart broken that she couldn’t be there for him. We heard of a dog show seen on TV where the winning dog was from a breeder near us and I look them up. They were just about to have a litter and we said “we’ll take two!!!” we jumped at the chance and are so grateful we had the last decade with Mya and Macleod. We had both questioned our loyalty to Cy with jumping right back in so soon and our thoughts were “well we got so much to give”… And that is soooo true, again, we are just spilling with love to give and its dumping all over the ground. We have to patch up the hole in our hearts.

We have started to look around, have asked our breeder as well but there are no litters planned in the near future (within a year), at least not in our Province, BC . Since this forum is so wide reaching I will put the call out, We are stuck on Malamute and do want a pair, can’t have just one… we’ve made a choice to only look into long time breeders of Malamutes and have seen a few adds with on line sign-up web based interaction or showing multiple breeds available. We expect that the breeder would be concerned and want to know about our home and yard , { hazards, free run area etc.} , the pets place in the home { where ever the hell they want…}, working schedule and that sort of thing. We would love to visit the pups in the first 8 weeks to watch them grow and would travel as far as we can anyway { one Province or State }. If anyone knows of something happening in the Pacific North West Please reply here.

Cy in the snow

he was completely covered just before this shot, we didn’t see him at first.

he didn’t like the camera and flash.

“Hair of the dog”  I’ve never gone so long without eating something that had dog hair in it … the lack of fiber has been detrimental to our health.



Angels; Cy, Mya, Macleod

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