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March 27, 2017

Magic carpet ride

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Well it was a pretty rough weekend. Mya is not walking on her own at this time and she has had a lot of trouble getting used to us helping her get out to the bathroom. She was getting so frustrated not being able to get up on her own. She has been stock pilling her bathroom breaks the first time we used a blanket to carry her out side, she just hung her head on the pillow and faced the other way. No kisses for about an hour and she wouldnt even look at me … Broke my hart… but now she will get chatty when she needs to got out and understands that we can help her. This morning she told us its time to go outside and i set up her blanket behind her so we can slide her on to it, and she kicked her back legs a bit and skooted her hind quarter onto the blanket like she was helping us.

We were in bad shap after my last post , Mya had not had a poop since friday am and we figured it would be another vet visit. I went out to the drug store to pickup some mineral oil to put in her dinner and by the time i got back Allison had called and said Mya just unloaded. Yeahhhh!!!! For poop! Im a plumber so poop isnt my friend but i was lov’n it yesterday…

I got a tracking number for the herb my vet found on line. Artemisinin,  Ordered it from Absorb Health. Hope to recieve it next few days. The new order of CBD cookies is in transit again hope to get them in a few days as well. Waiting waiting waiting … sucks !!!

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March 26, 2017

Waiting… For some damn sun!!!

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Weather here has been cold and wet or snowing for a while now. Dogs don’t care but we cant afford a lung infection… Mya loves to be outside, until summer, then she wont stray outside the range of the air conditioner.
We had our walk on the pier and an ice cream few weeks ago, Mya and Macleod loved it… Over the next few days it took her longer and longer to get up each time and then finally would sit back down once or twice before getting up to do some business{ usually after we walk away for a bit }. the last 3 or 4 days she hasn’t been able to make it all the way up, I tried to help her a few times and she hates it. If I approach her when she appears to be trying she will just lay down. We are using a blanket now to carry her in and out of the house. We lay the blanket down for her but she is “wiggly” and before long she has worked her way off it. She will get talking and agitated when she has to go to the bathroom. If she’s inside we taker her out and if she’s outside we just make sure she clears the blanket if she is still on it. She wont do it in the house and still has trouble letting go if she is on the blanket. She is a little backed up from the pain meds and we’re giving her pumpkin in meals as well as a stool softener. She will usually go every other day, but I think its day two now. We set up a 12×12 collapsible BBQ tent so she can stay dry out in the rain, and we can move it around. I set up a security camera system I got a few months ago so now I have a really sweet baby monitor with night vision. She has had a rough one tonight, couldn’t sit still for long. I have been coming into the office to warm up once in a while so I’ve had a chance to write. I watch her on the monitor , and bet a time-laps sequence of her sleeping would be interesting.

I heard of a herb, Artemisinin { Asian medicine from sweet worm wood } it has anecdotal remarks of regressing cancer cells. It’s said that it is not for patients that are on radiation therapy. We ordered some from Absorb Health on line and should be here in a few days. We ordered another case of the CBD cookies but they got sent back to the supplier because of some paper work with shipper, didn’t have that issue last time… So they are now delayed for maybe weeks. Mya is such a fighter and I just want to give her every tool a trainer can give a fighter while she is in the ring. I feel the need to stand in the next parliamentary meeting and beat my fist on the table and spit while I speak about the way big business has put possibilities aside because profit dictates the research… Oops I just fell off my soap box !!!..  Sorry…

So Macleod has gone off tramadol and then back on it again after sign of limp came back, still wearing the cone of shame. Mya was off tramadol for a bit but is now back on board. Likely why she’s constipated, The CBD treatables cookies seemed to help her with digestion,  Stupid paper Work!!!

Has anyone heard of the herb Artemisinin (wormwood)? I heard about it less than 48 hours ago… people have used it for many years and some have used it on pets with success.  Well it’s time to get back to Mrs. Kisses…

March 13, 2017

The Wait…

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We have taken Mya off of the chemo medications now we wait… We still have her on pepcid 40mg. 1xdaily , Metacam {liquid} 35kg.(approx 1tsp.) 1xdaily and CBD 20mg. 3xdaily , either with food or in a pill pocket. She doesn’t voice any pain so far but has had a long time getting passed the fall she had squeezing through the door with Macleod a few weeks ago. The cold weather is really making it hard on her, if she lays out in the cold for a long time then it will take a few tries to get to her feet. She doesn’t like me helping her stand up, I never know if I’m hurting her or its just her pride. We haven’t needed the lifting harness yet so I might try a towel under her belly. Any time she feels up to it we take them out even if its just a little car ride.

Macleod has been getting better by the hour … he has gone from not using it at all to doing jumping 360’s. He is on a liquid similar to Metacam as well as CBD, and was on 100mg. Tramadol  3xdaily but ww have weened him off them. We gave Mya a tramadol this mornig but hasnt made much of a change. The snow and rain has stopped for the moment so we are heading down to the pier for we walk and a doggy ice cream. Oh ! She’s up now … gotta go .

That was fun… Money can buy everything but it CAN buy Ice cream and that is a whole lot of yummy in a cup you can eat without getting in s#!+ …  I was taking a picure of Mya but Macleod thinks I’m making treats in the kitchen , somehow he’s right Behind me… Mya is crashing out on the deck.

We walked the length of the pier in Port Moody about 200 meters long and the parking lot made it just about enough for Mya but Macleod didn’the want to head back yet, till I said ice cream.

March 3, 2017

Our path leads to a bridge…

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Macleod is still walking on all 4, but is still on 100mg tramidol  3x a day. this weekend we will skip mid day dose and see how he is by night time . He got a hold of the shaved patches from his iv shaves and got them good, we shame coned him and they getting better.

Mya on the other hand has stumbled a bit, literally, on Monday morning Mya and Macleod were walking into the kitchen ( doorway ) at the same time. With Macleod sporting the cone of shame that left Mya with less than her fare share of the space and she ended up on her side with a shrieking yelp. She slept most of the day but did get up and move around a bit and on Monday night I told Allison that I thought she was having a hard time getting up. Her second follow up was sched. for today {Thurs} so Tuesday we started her the on meloxicam that we had for Macleod. that helped her till the appointment and we had to fast last night anyway. She had X-Rays of the chest and her hips to check on her getting up issue. the few items of note at the hips are not of concern as one of the nodes in her lung has now grown to 5cmX8cm about 3x the size since her last Xray. We stopped the chemo today and will keep her on the meloxicam liquid and the CBD. Hopefully she will pick up a bit without the chemo but the doctor thinks she may only have a month or so.

Maybe, since we have had the worst winter ever , we could have the sunniest march on record… just say’n.

So we will be spilling with hugs and snuggles and yes there will be kisses { Mrs.Kisses } , we sometimes require eye protection.

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