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November 8, 2016

Its been too long…

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Wow its been  a while since I’ve had a few minuets, I’m starting to realize I have to stop… once in a while at least. Seems I’ve been trying to busy myself to keep from focusing on all that has come about. You can’t focus on any one thing when you are Juggling…

I believe my last post Mya had finished round two. We just had round 4 last Wed. and we have scheduled round 5 on Nov 23 we will speak with the oncologist to determine if she needs a sixth.  She has no ill effect from the chemo. In fact I dropped the (a) ball and forgot to bring in Mya’s meds when I picked her up from the appointment, some time Saturday I asked how many pills Mya had left and Allison said “what pills”, ‘corse I panicked, phoned the oncology department and they reminded me they were the anti-nausea pills and we could just start them now . So she didn’t really need the Nausea medication at least didn’t appear to, but wouldn’t tell me if she did … At the third round appointment they noticed a toe nail that was cracked on her rear leg that was getting infected, we’ve spent so much attention on the wound and her front leg that I didn’t even see the rear nail. I’ve noticed the edges of the nails are curling inward slightly not wearing off like Macleod. He still launches when he walks and she is using her feet more to slow her down.  We made it through Halloween { not gonna lie, I kinda wanted to dress Mya up as a flower, with her cone and a green stocking on her leg  }. Kids spent most of the night in the bedroom with the radio on. They sure don’t like the bang. When I got home today I was laying in front of the TV with Mya ( she watches ) and a commercial came on with a low rumble in the background and her eyes looked up, I could see the fear sweep across her face, so I gave her a snuggle said it’s OK it was just the TV. Then a dog food commercial came on and she mowed me over trying to get to TV ’cause there was a dog on the screen. Wonder what she’d do if the dog was in a thunder storm ???

Today I saw a guy walking with his daughter and they had a dog with them that was limping . I watched them walk across the intersection where I was turning , I made my turn and got about half a block and had to pull over and wait for them. I wanted to ask if they knew the cause or if it was a mystery. Turns out it was a car accident a few years ago,  didn’t feel like a weirdo at all … I haven’t seen the dark brown rear amp dog I saw last month but a few weeks ago I did see another front leg Tripawd walking down the street with his Dad and of course I pulled over and talked to him. His Bull Terrier was also in a car accident and a bad surgery resulted in the bone failing then amputation about three years ago. This guy was sporting a big pack board all loaded up, just down from Alaska, he said his boy goes everywhere with him and most of the time he wears out before the dog does.

When I picked Mya up from the appointment I was trying to put the step down, that I made for her to get in and out of the van, and was messing with it trying to make it level, Well she took half a step back and just leaped over me , the step, and landed a couple of feet deep in the van like it was nothing.  Mya has become my inspiration, She just keeps amazing me.

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