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August 25, 2016

just another day…

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Well today Mya went in for her first chemo session, dropped her off in the morning so they could run some tests first and they found she has a bladder infection. They don’t want to see that turn into a kidney infection with the chemo hitting on her immune system. So she is on a weeks worth of antibiotics now and we wait… some more… We don’t want any preventable problems to knock us back so we aggree with the vets about not having an infection going in to chemo. I figure they will probably want to do another chest Xray if this takes a while to clear up. We were all prepaired to segrigate her for bathroom breaks to keep Macleod from the drugs and getting over the worries of the chemo, now the first real setback. I guess we have been very lucky so far and bumps are to be expected. She’s a tuffy so we are sure she will get through this as well. She is still pain free and happy so thats what matters most.

Mya and Macleod snuggl’n


sptptptpt… not sure how to spell that ???


Mya & one of her brothers at 4 weeks


‘Gonna get that damn squeeker!!!


figured some happy thoughts were in order …

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August 22, 2016

19 Sunny Days

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The last few months we’ve weathered the storm it seems, but Mya’s smiley face brings the sunshine. 19 days today and she got the staples out last Thursday (day16) at the oncology appointment. They shaved a bit near the incision and cleaned the area, overall it was healing well. Still a little raised in the spot she tagged that time with her rear leg, but it has receded a lot. The hair is growing back pretty fast now, hope it stays that way. We are scheduled now for wed the 24th to start Carboplatin Chemotherapy. We got the results back from post op biopsy and it is Osteocarcoma with fibroblastic features; low mitotic index (3/10hpf) considered histologically low grade. Our worry now is eventual mastastis so we are hoping an early start on chemotherapy will take out any of the cells that have not yet materialised in the scans. She has done so well this far, we expect the same will come of this part of her journey.

The other day I noticed Mya sitting next to Macleod and she was sniffing and giv’n him kisses, he seemed uneasy and shortly backed away from her and sat over by me a few feet away. That PUNCHED a big hole in my heart, they would sit and play with each other all the time, they are inseperable. To see what looked like Macleod being distant towards Mya really took me, I had to grab my mouth and jaw in my hand to keep from losing it. He was 8months old when Mya was born, kenneling with the parents, and they have been kennel mates ever since. We got Macleod a week before Mya was ready to come home, to get used to our place, and they were so happy to see each other. I never even considered how Macleod might react to the whole thing, other than how he’d be without her…  Yesterday I saw Macleod laying on the spot Mya usually goes to when she stays out for a bit, then later they were both sitting side by side there again. A few min. ago I heard a thump, went up to see what-up, and the were all laying in front of the AC unit, Allison said the thump was just Mya laying down. So I got down and had a big snuggle with them both, Mya pretty much rolled over right on my chest. They were kiss’n and sniff’n as usual. I feel waaaaay better now!

August 15, 2016

Day 12

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Today has been good all day up until the power went out just before I posted a reply … the house got pretty hot in just 15 min lucky it was a scheduled work outage so they were quick at getting it back on. The dogs were already wanting to go out side but I knew it was still hotter out there so we stayed in side. Thought I might take Macleod for a walk but I’ll have to do it way later with this heat. Time to take Mya out for a pee.

August 14, 2016

Check up day.

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We made an appointment at Mya’s Vet. to re assure us that we are doing the right things and Mya is healthy. She was a little { Well a lot } reluctant to go in the door almost pulled her collar off, but once I got her inside she was good and walked right in to the exam room. When Judith looked at her wound her eyes got wide, and I skipped a beat, but she said Mya is recovering remarkably well. This is day 11 since her ‘surgery’ { Al pointed out I was spelling it wrong }. We’ve had it really good all things considered, she has had a few nights/days with some obvious discomfort, but they were mostly in the early days or just before the next pain med dose. We are lucky that at least one of us could always be home with her all through the journey so far. I’m sure if we had to leave her alone for long periods of time she would have likely done some damage to the sutures. For about the first week she did have to pee often and a lot so being in a kennel or pen would be have been hard on her unless she was used to “going on the paper”. We would have needed a floor drain… She’s adapted to the Tripawd stance very well, can’t wait till her and Macleod can run free in the yard together and play. The other day Mya was out back laying in the yard and I heard this thumping sound then all of a sudden Macleod There have been far too few smiles around here lately but we’ve both had a s#!+ eat’n grin on most of the evening :] . Wish I thought to bring the camera for the vet visit. Since all this started we’ve learned of 3 cases of amputation in our area, people we know, and our vet currently has one under investigation. Its hard to believe how big this thing is and how small our world can be…  Our girl’s a trooper.

August 11, 2016

Nine days now

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It’s been 9 days since Mya had her surgury, couple small bumps in the road, but she is doing great overall. Seems to be keeping away from the stiches now. Went out to do some work today, first time in weeks. When I got home she jumped up wagging her tail and talk’n away, and all cuddles and kisses when I walked over to her. Missed that… last little while been side by side most of the time but we had to let her sleep all she can so I didnt want to get her all rialed up a lot. Now I dont feel I need to be so tender with her just watch out for the incision. Still keeping her on the upper area don’t want her bounding down the stairs to much just yet. If I let her she’d be all over it.  We dropped the tramadol dose from 200 down to 100mg 3xdaily and she has been good for pain but gets a little restless just before next dose. Still taking the metacam in morning feed. Next Thursday we start Chemo.

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