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April 23, 2017

And then there were three…

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This morning was cold and dark and wet… outside was no better.

First thing that happened today was no wake up kisses 🙁  That’ll take some time. To get us up, Mya and Macleod would work as a team, Mya on the wet works, and Macleod would do a deep low growl. If we didn’t fall for it he would lean on the bed and shake it, if that didn’t work Mya would “YELP” really loud. “OK I’m up, I’m up”… This morning He didn’t wake us up. I think ALL of us needed to sleep, a lot. But we got a bit anyway. Breakfast was quiet(r) than usual, they would get each other going. Macleod is a food fanatic so it didn’t take him long to get excited again. I forgot to prep his morning meds so I had to do it on the fly while getting his bowl ready. Took a few minutes, he started yelling at me!!! (Wooooo!!)”come on hurry up all ready!” At least he’s still Macleod. He wondered in and out the front door most of the morning and kinda moped around the yard. I noticed he didn’t pee in their usual spot or try to mark over the spots Mya had been getting to, Hmmm. Holding on to her sent?? I used to say that her coat would sometimes smell like popcorn, Gonna miss that too.

We kept our appointment today at Healing Paws, and met Dr. Maja { Mya } Kovacevic. She had reviewed some of our past reports and we brought the most recent with us. We talked for a long time and discussed some options, and she examined him. She agreed that Macleod would not likely fare well with amputation at this stage of his cancer. She prescribed a couple products, Cell Care and Immuno Boost by Naturpet, and we went the the local pharmacy to pick up some low dose { baby strength } vitamin D drops. All of which we add to meals 2x daily. We are also starting him on a “Biologically appropriate freeze dried dog food” made by Orijen. Beef, lamb, Pork, Bison in one type and Turkey, chicken, fish in another we picked up. Started with the beef one. Note to self, remember to pre-soak the “dehydrated” dog food before calling him for dinner. Oh the yelling… It takes 5-10 min to rehydrate the pucks. If I did my math right, {and I ain’t good at math}, he’ll get 10 pucks a day. It fluffs up and mixes really well, after a few min. We would normally feed them 2x a day but I think we will try 3 smaller meals a day. That fits with some 12 hour dosing on some of the new stuff we are taking. He sure seemed to love it. We have been giving them small freeze dried treats last few weeks, loved them too. And of course I asked the Doctor if she knew Maverick, the Great Dane from last week, ” oh I know Maverick very well”, she said. It seems, like we thought, that His case is a special one. It was very hard to confirm the osteosarcoma, in fact it wasn’t until they checked the limb after his surgery ( 10 months later) that they could positively identify the cancer. Similar to Macleod, BUT, I don’t believe Maverick had mets. in his lungs. So we will try, and try, and try, until Macleod says he’s had enough.

found some old favourites for a smile:

First love, First day home, and First day on the new couch

All gro’d up, she could almost fit that whole Kong in her mouth. Believe this picture was taken almost 9 years to the day.

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  1. I know it’s hard to post this, het comforting to remember the ways to celebrate all of the sweet things that made Mya be Mya.

    These pictures are soooooo adoravleq! Honest ro goodness, Mya and Macleod are such a good looking pair!

    I knkw it was rough keeping your Vet appointment, but it does sound like it was quite productive so I’m glad you could keep it.

    Something that I came across in another post where TURKEY TAIL (some form of mushrooms) was mentioned as being effective in some cases. May be worth mentioning to the Holistic Vet.

    PLEASE keep the great pictures coming of BITH dogs! We love getting to know Mya and Macleod better.

    And please know, your love and devotion for Mya touched us so deeply. Nothing can break that bond! NOTHING! I knkw the void is still painful and will be for a long time. Caring for a tripawd is intense and deep…and so is the grief. Mya is an April’s Angel now and feeling soooooo good!! She’ll let you know…pay attention!

    Hugs to all

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    Comment by benny55 — April 25, 2017 @ 1:02 am

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